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Municipal Government Leaders Supervised the Work of the SCO Expo of the Landscaping Support Group On Site

To make sure the work of beautification of environment and site goes smoothly, Member of the Standing Committee of CPC Jiaozhou Committee, Vice Mayor of Jiaozhou Municipal Government Sun Zhen organized the Municipal Construction Bureau, Municipal Comprehensive Law Enforcement Bureau, Municipal Council for the Promotion of International Trade, Sub-district Office of Jiaozhou Sanlihe district, the city investment company and other related units to supervise the work of the Expo of the landscaping support group. They checked the environmental improvement situation of the key routes and important areas of the Fangyuan Sport Center, the entrance of Yinghai Highway, Vienna Hotel, Atour Hotel, Sheraton Hotel and etc. Successively. Meanwhile, each unit carried out a report of their responsibilities on site.

“Firstly, pay enough attention. Each unit of the landscaping support group should take this event seriously from the ideological point of view, clarify the division of labor, shoulder the responsibilities, stick to the work and make every effort to promote to ensure that all the work will be completed on schedule and with good quality. Secondly, keep working on the improvement of environment of the key areas and the districts along the route. More can be done to improve the environment, lightning and greening of the hotels, important traffic entrances, surrounding of the venues and etc. to ensure good city appearance and order during the Expo,” Sun Zhen required. “Thirdly, continuously improve the capability of the logistics support service. Work on catering, cleaning, power supply and etc. with high standard to provide the Expo with high-quality and comfortable logistics services for the activities.”

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Highlights You Would Not Want to Miss 2020 SCO International Investment and Trade Expo

The 2020 SCO International Investment and Trade Expo & Inauguration Ceremony of Qingdao China-SCO Countries Cooperation Hub will be held during October 16-18, 2020 at Fangyuan Sport Center of Jiaozhou. There will be exhibition areas displaying the international products with special characteristics and the Expo will be open to the public free. Now we will give you a preview of the highlights of the Expo.

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The Expo will be a combination of online and offline display to expand the scope of participation. To hold the Expo, a 14,000 m2 exhibition area has been constructed, consisting of exhibition No.1 Venue, No.2 Venue and the Open Air Exhibition. In addition, there will be a publicity board at the entrance of the Expo and a improvement of greening and lighting of Fangyuan Sport Center of Jiaozhou has been constructed to make the environment clean and comfortable.

There will be a comprehensive display of the characteristics of the SCO Countries and the trade among the SCO Countries. To enrich the product categories, there will be displays of products from Sister-City and international products with special characteristics. So far 600 enterprises, 200 foreign enterprises and 400 national enterprises trading with the SCO Countries, have been invited.

There will be a virtual display of the countries and the special products of the enterprises which could not participate on site. Thus, there are many highlights to be expected. In addition, the Expo will be open to the public free. To attend the Expo, the public need to make an appointment ahead.

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2020 SCO Expo Provides New Platforms For Local Economic And Trade Cooperation With More Than 600 Businesses And 3000 Products!

The 2020 SCO International Investment and Trade Expo & Inauguration Ceremony of Qingdao China-SCO Countries Cooperation Hubwill be held at Fangyuan Sport Center, Jiaozhou from October 16th to 18th. Guests this year including envoys of SCO Countries and ASEAN Countries, as well as representatives from Business Association and Foreign Business in China are invited to jointly deepen the understanding and promote the expansion of Platforms for economy and trade cooperation among SCO Countries and ASEAN Countries.

In order to expand the scope of participation, the Expo this year will be held both offline and online. An exhibition area of 14,000 m2 has been set up for visitors, which consists of three areas: No.1 Venue, No.2 Venue and the Open Air Exhibition. It mainly displays the image of the SCO Countries, foreign economic and trade businesses, and domestic businesses, and reveals the full extent of economic and trade exchanges from multiple perspectives. In order to enrich the variety of products, we have also set up Exhibition Areas for Sister-City Products and International Specialties.

From the perspective of the countries of the participating businesses, not only businesses from 18 SCO Countries were invited, but also businesses from Japan, South Korea and other countries were invited to participate in this Event. In order to promote economic and trade exchanges and cooperation between the SCO Countries and Japan and South Korea, we are striving to “build the ‘outlet’ for SCO Countries toward the Asia-Pacific market.”

From the view of the number of exhibitors, there are a total of more than 600 exhibitors, of which 200 are foreign businesses and 400 are domestic businesses having economic and trade cooperation with SCO Countries.

From the scope of exhibits, the exhibition includes more than 3000 kinds of products covering industries from economy and trade to culture and tourism, including products with national characteristics, agricultural products, food, energy, logistics, home appliances, infrastructure and other industries, as well as cultural and tourism products that reflect the local characteristics of the SCO Countries.

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The Qingdao China-SCO Countries Cooperation Hub Will be Open in October for Guests from Around the World!

In traditional Chinese culture, a hub is more of a platform for exchanges than a mere physical space. Guests from around the world can gather here, take a sip of tea, chat and discuss about all matters.

As a major event of the 2020 SCO International Investment and Trade Expo, the Qingdao China-SCO Countries Cooperation Hub will also be initiated on October 16th.

The Qingdao China-SCO Countries Cooperation Hub is located at the SCO International Trade Building in SCO Demonstration Area. It covers an area of around 30,000 m2, which integrated major functions like Product Showcasing, Negotiation for Investment and Trade, and Road Show Promotion. The aim of the Cooperation Hub is to promote wider and deeper of the multilateral integration for capital, technology and talent among SCO Countries and even “Belt and Road” Countries.

The China-SCO Countries Cooperation Hub have established structures like the SCODA Exhibition Hall, SCO Exhibition Area for Specialties, Culture and Tourism, SCO Exchange and Service Center, SCO Business Association Operational Platform, SCO “Legal Intelligence Valley”, SCO Youth Start-up Incubator and Pakistan (China) Economic Cooperation Center. Currently, there are already 15 Business Associations from Countries like Russia, India, Sri Lanka, etc. that have plans for entry.

The next construction stage of China-SCO Countries Cooperation Hub will, in accordance with the general planning, build a series of functional projects like the SCO General Center and SCO International Expo Center. It will comprehensively expand the capacity and functions for high-quality international activities. The construction and initiation of Qingdao China-SCO Countries Cooperation Hub, will promote the construction of Qingdao as an international metropolis that is more open, modern, dynamic and vogue, and enhance the connectivity, economic and trade exchanges, and cultural communications among China and SCO Countries. Forging a new platform for international cooperation will boost the process of establishing an open and cooperative“Super Market” for SCO Countries and even “Belt and Road” Countries to interact and exchange. By integrating talents, products, capitals, information and technologies worldwide here in Qingdao, will serve the overall interests of the China’s open development.

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